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Massimiliano Bellino, CEO of Next Industries 

Massimiliano Bellino discusses Next Industries and its role in develping smart devices and sensors that can change the way we work, live and connect. Next Industries attended Initiate! as a startup in 2016 and joined again in 2017.

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Sebastian Golisch & Christian Schäfer from Adaptive Balancing Power

Startup Adaptive Balancing Power was part of the Initiate! Hub during European Utility Week 2016 and returned in 2017 as part of the Initiate! Accelerator Hangout. In this interview, they talk to us about their company, their goals and their experience at EUW.

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Sietske Jacobs, Project Manager of Initiate!

Sietske Jacobs manages Initiate!, which helps to support startups and young talent, bringing together all levels of the smart energy community. The program encourages discussion, challenges ideas and helps the industry visualise what the future could look like!

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James Johnston, CEO and co-founder of Open Utility

James Johnston won the Initiate! Startup Award in 2015 with Open Utility, a startup that is building digital services for a decentralised energy future.

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Gunther Breda, co-founder of Tree Solutions

Gunther talks to us about Tree Solutions, a startup that exhibited in the Initiate! Hub last year in Barcelona, and how they add a brain to regular HVAC systems, so as to reduce the complexity and the cost of energy efficiency actions and projects.

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Scott Kessler, Director of Business Development at LO3 Energy

Scott Kessler was a speaker in the 2017 Initiate! Programme, helping us explore the Decentralised Power scenario of the Initiate! Manifesto. In this interview, he talks about the transactive energy market and how the discussion should focus mainly on 'what' is being transacted rather than 'how' (e.g. blockchain).

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Gijs van der Velden, cofounder of MX3D

Gijs van der Velden is cofounder of MX3D, a company responsible for building a 3D steel bridge in Amsterdam, and was a speaker in the 2017 Initiate! programme. In this interview, he shares his views about the impact of such advanced technology in the Energy industry, predicting 'exciting times' for the sector!

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Bob Hendrikx, Co-founder, The Motown Movement

Bob Hendrikx is an Architecture Student at TU Delft and also co-founder of The Motown Movement, an organisation which is working towards making sustainable housing accessible for everyone. He was part of the 2017 Initiate! Programme and talks to us in this interview about the challenges of the energy transition.

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Jan-Peter Doomernik, Senior Business Developer - Asset Management, Enexis

Jan-Peter Doomernik shares his vision of the future energy system with us, which includes self-driving cars that not only handle transportation, but also energy needs. Curious? Read on!

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Jacob Zonneveld, Co-Founder, Plugsurfing

Plugsurfing was the winner of the Startup Award on the Initiate! Programme in 2016 and Jacob Zonneveld, co-founder of the startup that connects the car industry with the utility industry, let us know what inspires him to transform the industry!

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Filippo Capizzi was Young Talent Programme alumnus during European Utility Week 2015 and he became Brand Ambassador for Initiate! during European Utility Week 2016, as he was the perfect example of this programme's goals: connecting bright and eager minds with the industry! While participating the Young Talent Programme of European Utility Week 2015, he connected to Engie and secured an internship with the French utility.

Here's Filippo's presentation:

'We use the word “energy” a lot of times every day, even if we don’t mention it. It’s everywhere, but we don’t see it because of the neat work of great people. I am proud to belong to a valuable team at Engie Labs in Paris (goal I achieved thanks to the European Utility Week 2015), where our current work on microgrids for remote communities gives a chance to cultivate a really sustainable development for these areas. Nonetheless, my involvement in KIC InnoEnergy represents the possibility to share and shape my ideas with high-minded people from all over the world.'

Check out Filippo's Talk Community Interview with ENGIE for EUW16: read here

Jacob Van Zonneveld from PlugSurfing received the award on the Initiate! Stage.


Talk Community Interview - read the Talk Community Interview with Jacob Zonneveld and find out what inspires him to transform the industry! Read full interview here

Engerati Studio Interview (November 2016)

James Johnston, CEO and co-founder of Open Utility, was the winner of the Startup Award in 2015.

Check out Jame's Talk Community Interview: read here

Watch the Engerati Studio Interview with the Startup Award 2015 winner:

The winner was Elias De Keyser, a student on EIT InnoEnergy’s MSc Energy for Smart Cities.

Watch the Engerati Studio Interview with the Young Talent Award 2015 winner:

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