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Talk Community - with Michiel Kuiper, CCO of Energy21 

Michiel Kuiper, CCO of Energy21, discusses the two main challenges intensive energy users need to overcome before being able to make any optimization or flexibility progress.

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The energy intensive sector is of huge importance to the energy transition. Although the sector is slowly changing from being energy consumers to being energy prosumers and has shown steady progress in improving energy efficiency, there is still a lot of progress to be banked. 

Commercial and Industrial energy users currently consume 26% of Europe’s energy annually. With Europe targeting a 40% CO² emission cuts by 2030 and 60% by 2040, the importance of industrial and commercial energy is crucial at the moment.

To support this progress in the energy transition, European Utility Week launched Commercial and Industrial Energy user Days (CIED) in 2017. 

“The energy intensive sector plays a vital role in the energy transition which is driving energy generation, trading and consumption to new levels of interaction. With the Commercial and Industrial Energy user Days, we bring all sectors together to facilitate the discussion about the next step towards a new market design.” 

Patrick Bauduin, Conference Producer, Synergy Events - EMART Energy

“As a result of the current scale and relevance of the events we have seen the number of Commercial and Industrial attendees grow quite naturally. Now by really engaging with this sector, highlighting the relevant content and developing a bespoke marketing campaign focussed on this sector, EUW and the co-located events will facilitate a significant gathering for Commercial and industrial energy users as well as attracting more utilities to the mix.”

Paddy Young, Group Director, Synergy Events - European Utility Week

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Co-located with European Utility Week are EMART Energy, Energy Revolution Europe and Intelligent Buildings Europe. With their own dedicated programmes and expos, each event coexists to facilitate and advocate the need to realise a fully integrated energy transition from energy trading, renewable generation, energy storage and integration into micro grids, as well as energy services and efficiency. 

With a growing interest from commercial and industrial energy users and prosumers regarding the co-located events and their conference programmes, which are paramount for businesses to save costs and reduce CO² emissions, the 2017 CIED Approved Programme walked attendees through all the co-located events' Programmes, providing a journey that maximised the Commercial and Industrial energy users' experience in Amsterdam: there was a CIED approved 3-day conference programme, highlighting topics of interest from across each of the co-located events with specific topics being highlighted for Commercial and Industrial energy users.  

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In 2017, we designed a customised Programme for all Commercial and Industrial / Large energy users. The programme stretched throughout the 3 days of EMART Energy and extended into key sessions from the co-located events (European Utility Week, Energy Revolution Europe and Intelligent Buildings Europe). The programme was intended to showcase the most relevant discussions and best practice sharing sessions towards a new market design.

Here's a quick overview of the topics that were covered in the 2017 edition:

EMART Energy Conference Area

  • Gas & Power markets in an era of Decentralisation
  • Exploring the trends and underlying fundamentals of wholesale energy price formation
  • Power price drivers
  • Best practices for Commercial & Industrial Energy Users

Energy Revolution Europe Hub Theatre

  • E-mobility taking off
  • The prosumer effect
  • March of the Renewables

Intelligent Buildings Europe Hub Theatre

  • Energy in Empowered Buildings
  • Financing & Risk Sharing in the Build Sector
  • Lightning talks – Commercial Buildings
  • Building for People

Have a look at what the journey through the programme looked like in 2017:

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We organised one dedicated CIED session on the 4th of October, 2017.

Presentations included in the session were: 

  • Realizing The Flexibility Potential Of Industrial Electricity Demand (Overview Of The H2020 Project IndustRE)
  • Best Practice On Flexible Capacity
  • Best Practices On Storage - KPN
  • Electrification Of The Industry; Applications & Challenges
  • Corporate Energy Procurement, PPAs, Efficiency Challenges
  • Panel Discussion: Consumer Impact On The Energy Transition

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Questions about getting involved in CIED? 



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We work with our industry experts who have contributed to shaping the programme according to the needs from the market. Here's the overview of our members:

  • Gary Cafe, Energy Manager, Air Products
  • Frits van der Velde, Senior policy advisor, Royal VEMW
  • Jared Braslawsky, Secretary General, RECS International
  • Johan Hospers, Energy Portfolio Manager, AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals
  • Jason Simpson, VP Global Energy and UtilitiesLiberty Global

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By joining the CIED Approved Programme in 2017, attendees were able to network with their peers and connect with different industry segments:

Audience     Industry Sectors
  • Change Managers
  • Energy Contracts Managers 
  • Energy Managers
  • Facility Managers
  • Factory Controllers
  • Managers Utilities
  • Plant Managers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • QESH Managers
  • Sourcing Managers
  • Sustainability head/manager/director 
  • Agro
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Food and beverage
  • Hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, etc.
  • Metals
  • Microelectronics
  • Mining, Oil and Gas 
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pulp Paper
  • Server Farms
  • Textiles

2017 participants included: Air Liquide, Air Products, Akzo Nobel, Amazon, AVEBE, BASF, Cargill, Century Aluminum, Danone, Dow Benelux, DSM, ECI, Givaudan, Heineken, ICL Group, ING, KPN, Liberty Global, Microsoft, NS Stations, SABIC, Schiphol Airport, Tata Steel, Utility Support Group, Vlisco, Voltachem, Wacker 

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The CIED programme also allowed attendees to network with peers and engage in relevant discussions with their industries.

After the dedicated CIED session on the Programme, there was an exclusive drinks reception organised for the CIED participants.

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The energy complexity of commercial or industrial business processes comes with extra risks & responsibilities but also creates optimization opportunities. Energy21 helps to control the first and seize the second.

Based on our 20 years of experience, we have a clear understanding of the different stages of working towards a regulatory compliant, automated and optimized energy operation. We’ll start with the foundation: organizing your energy data landscape. Next, we’ll orchestrate your regulative, financial & operational responsibilities and work towards a sustainable and optimized energy programme.

More info:

More info:


The Royal Dutch Association for Commercial and Industrial Energy and Water users is Supporting Association of the Commercial and Industrial Energy users Day, helping developing the programme to enable information exchange, best practice and the development of new partnerships to make a low-carbon transition affordable and feasible.

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