Country Partner: USA

Why was the USA a focus country during European Utility Week 2017?

Over the past several years, leading U.S. smart grid companies and the U.S. government have invested billions of dollars to modernize and revolutionise grid infrastructure, which has led not only to a more secure electricity system, but has also spurred new technologies and emerging entrants to the smart grid sphere. The U.S. smart grid industry remains the global leader in driving innovation, creating new solutions, and advancing novel products to ensure that grid systems worldwide remain stable, yet adaptive for new connectivity technologies.


Trade Fair Certification from the U.S. Department of Commerce

This is an official endorsement by the U.S. Department of Commerce saying they recognise European Utility Week as “an excellent opportunity to showcase U.S. products and services”. This decision was “based on Synergy Events' previous success in providing opportunities for U.S. exhibitors to explore world markets”, as was the case during EUW16, where the USA Country Pavilion hosted American companies looking to create strong relationships with European stakeholders and grow their international business activities. 

  • USA Programme
    USA Programme

    The USA is well known for driving change and innovation and it is our belief at European Utility Week that exchanging projects and experiences between the US and Europe is a win-win situation for both geographies and Energy stakeholders!

  • USA Companies & Partners
    USA Companies & Partners

    It was possible to meet multiple American stakeholders during European Utility Week 2017 who showed how the latest and most innovative solutions are driving the Clean Energy Transition. 

  • USA Agenda
    USA Agenda

    Find out what different networking and learning moments attendees were able to join on the Exhibition Floor in 2017 with regards to the European Utility Week Country Partner.

  • European Delegation to the US
    European Delegation to the US

    European Utility Week has partnered with Greentech Media to help facilitate unparalleled business networking opportunities between European and US utilities. As part of the partnership, EUW brought a European delegation of utilities to attend Grid Edge World Forum 2017 and several exciting site visits!

  • USA News
    USA News

    Every day exciting news arrives from the USA about the latest developments in the Energy sector. We will make sure to share with you the most relevant news brought by our partners and other media sources!

  • Talk Community Interview - Paddy Young, Event Director, European Utility Week
    Talk Community Interview - Paddy Young, Event Director, European Utility Week

    Paddy Young, Event Director at European Utility Week (EUW), tells us about the vision driving the US country focus during EUW17 and why partnerships are crucial for successfully driving the Energy Transition in both geographies and markets.