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"Co-locating EMART and EUW fits perfectly with our view that price forecasting plays a critical role in facilitating tomorrow’s smart grid. At Priogen we are already creating the necessary financial incentives for individual smart devices & software to truly connect and form the future flexible grid."

Bart de Brouwer, Business Development Unit, Priogen Energy (Netherlands)

EMART Energy 2017 Attendees List - click here

What is EMART and why did it co-locate with European Utility Week 2017?

EMART Energy 2017 combined a strong conference programme with a lively exhibition floor, interactive Hub Sessions and multiple networking moments divided over two days. Attracting 650+ attendees, of which 64% represent the largest trading firms from across 30+ countries, EMART Energy is the no. 1 platform for Europe’s Energy Traders.


By co-locating with European Utility Week 2017, EMART Energy kept the pace with the new market dynamics, allowing its attendees, exhibitors and partners to strengthen their contact with new players, energy providers and industry stakeholders, and expand their knowledge by sharing experiences, case studies and best practices with the smart energy community. Exhibitors were able to expand their business by networking with senior-level trading professionals and showcasing their brands to a strong and broader audience from across the energy market.


“What role will traders play in 2030?”,  a Special Conference session from Innovation in Trading

Presentation by Matthias Voelkel, Partner, Global Leader of Capital Markets Infrastructure, McKinsey on “The role of the energy trader in 2030”. This session took place on the 4th October from 14h00 – 14h30 hrs. 

Click here for more details on the session

Read the Talk Community interview with Matthias Voelkel here  

Blockchain Trades! 

During EMART 2017, many live trades took place over the blockchain at the HUB theatre on the exhibition floor. 

The trades occurred on the 4th of October in a session from 10:15 to 11:45 at the EMART Hub. Click here for more information

“Interconnecting Power markets” presentation by Nick Sides, Head of Interconnectors, National Grid

This presentation took place on the 4th of October, 11h45- 12h15 and was part of the EMART Energy Conference - Power Trading track, session: "Power Price drivers (Fundamentals & Technical analyses) and Interconnecting power markets"

We look forward to hearing Laszlo Varro, Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency (IEA)

He presented on the 5th of October in the Conference sessions on "Global LNG production" – 09h30 to 10h00 in the Gas Trading track.

To make sure you stay ahead of the game, we also focused on:

  • The consequences of Brexit
  • Monetizing Flexibility
  • Innovation in trading (Ai, P2P trading, Blockchain)
  • Commercial and Industrial Energy users

View the full 2017 programme here

Yes, EMART Energy 2017 also helped with:

  • Forecasting energy prices with fundamentals and technical analyses
  • A reality check on new consumer needs and understanding the new market design
  • Implementing Mifid II, MAR and REMIT

View the full 2017 programme here

This year – in co-operation with Energy21, Priogen, CEEP, VEMW and RECS International – EMART Energy and European Utility Week are adding a dedicated session for an entire new group of market players to the mix: the Commercial and Industrial Energy Users.

CIED at EMART Energy

In the EMART Energy 2017 Conference programme, key speakers such as the European Commission, Eneco Group, ENTSO-E, Akzo Nobel, Ecofys and International Energy Agency focused on:

  • Gas & Power markets in an era of Decentralisation 
  • Exploring the trends and underlying fundamentals of wholesale energy price formation 
  • Power price drivers 
  • Best practices for Commercial & Industrial Energy Users

View the 2017 programme here

Co-locating with European Utility Week (EUW), 2017 attendess had free access to dozens of presentations and discussions on the exhibition floor on exciting topics:

  • The renewable energy revolution. Look beyond meeting the directives set by European policy makers integrating systems and benefit from a smarter grid
  • Learn about the newest storage technology. How do the new regulations affect the industry?
  • E-mobility taking off: an overview of the EV market in Europe
  • Realizing the potential of smart grids

 View the full EUW 2017 programme here


Listen to the free webinar:

How can you create new opportunities to reduce power costs or even turn electricity flexibility into a new revenue source?

With Michiel Klever, strategic director, Priogen

Click here to access the recording 

EFET pre-conference workshop - Monday, 2nd of October, 2017

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